Your Medical Rights

Beginning in December 2020, as many as 60-80% of people were coerced into accepting an investigational injection under a looming threat of loss of employment, loss of education, public shaming, media censorship, limited medical treatment access, family division, loss of travel options, limited access to courts, loss of government contracts, and misuse of military command. Many of them are now suffering unexplainable chronic illnesses or have simply passed away from unknown causes. Medical professionals (including Dr. Procter) were censored in the media or outright banned. Big government, insurance companies, and employers have done everything they can to dehumanize and decouple the patient-provider relationship. Trusted sources of information get most of their funding from the government. Government defines misleading communication, disinformation, and misinformation as any activity which undermines the public confidence in the government. COVID is a deadly pandemic, and it didn’t just cost lives. It killed science, logic, evidence-based medicine, and common sense. Americans and the world will suffer the effects from this pandemic for decades to come. YOU deserve to know your rights and our beliefs:

  • The 4th and 14th Amendments protect the bodily integrity of patients, and the 1st Amendment protects the doctors who serve them.
  • Physicians and medical providers must have the freedom to fully inform patients and to provide alternatives.
  • If vaccination is voluntary (as stated by the CDC and FDA), then you have a right to full informed consent and access to alternative treatments.
  • You reserve the right to try an approved medication for a non-approved indication provided it is prescribed safely and there is ample evidence to justify use for such indication (i.e., the benefits outweigh the risks).
  • You deserve transparency in medical billing where value is equal to quality/price.
  • You can and should know the price of your medical care prior to its delivery.
  • You deserve a physician/provider that believes in vaccine and mask freedom of choice with informed consent.
  • You deserve a physician/provider that believes in the aggressive treatment of COVID, COVID long-haul syndrome, and post-COVID vaccine injury.
  • You deserve a physician/provider that believes in independent critical thought and constructive debate consistent with the scientific method, not popular unscientific groupthink.
  • You deserve a physician that will advocate for your healthcare rights.

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