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Are You Tired of Your Lack of Medical Freedom?
Then we are the clinic for YOU

We are the leaders in COVID treatment.

We aggressively treat Acute COVID Illness ($350 Flat Fee with +COVID test, no commitment necessary).
We also aggressively treat COVID Long-Haul Syndrome, and COVID Vaccine Complications


New and Existing patients on the DPC program are eligible to receive 1 Complementary Advanced Body Composition Analysis

$350 Acute COVID Illness Office Visits
(+COVID Test Required, No Commitment Necessary)

About McKinney Family Medicine

Our Mission at McKinney Family Medicine is to deliver superior medical care to our patients and their families. As of 2022, we are now achieving this through a Direct Primary Care (DPC) system. DPC is an innovative healthcare model where medical providers partner with their patients to provide primary care services under a flat, periodic membership fee combined with a monthly fee for unlimited services or an a la carte fee per service. In a DPC model, medical decisions are based upon your health and well-being; not the “bottom-line” of an insurance company. By moving outside of the administrative burdens of the traditional insurance-based billing system, DPC facilities can provide a wide spectrum of care in a completely transparent, affordable manner at a cost far less than an average cable bill. DPC clinics—now a grassroots movement numbering over 1000 nationwide—are ideally suited to do this while offering patients a higher level of service, communication, and relationship. We have chosen to rebuild our clinic to meet YOUR medical needs and not support the big business of the broken healthcare industry. Please refer to Direct Primary Care and/or Your Medical Rights for further explanation.

Important Information from Your Provider

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Dear McKinney Family Medicine Patients,

It has been our pleasure to serve you for the past 20 years. We have all been faced with many difficult challenges over the past few years. During this time, McKinney Family Medicine’s Cigna contract was canceled because we prescribed certain medications to help save the lives of thousands of COVID patients. The outcome had to be reported to the other insurance companies which would eventually lead to additional contract cancellations. It was imperative to make a change in our structure. We understand the inconvenience this may have caused, and you deserve an explanation.

Please click here for more detailed information. Also, if you are an existing patient, your medical provider would welcome the opportunity to personally call you and further explain the new system and answer any additional questions. Please email mckmed@mckinneyfamilymed.com and let us know how we can help you during this transition.

We remain committed to saving lives, being your health and wellness expert, and offering compassionate care according to the principles of the Hippocratic Oath.